Waytoplay Road Track | RINGROAD


The Ringroad road track set from Waytoplay is a great beginner set for young children just discovering the road. The set includes all the different road shapes and is a good option to play with before adding additional sets. This is a great set forchildren who are just starting to practice fine motor skills. 

The "arrow" connectors are cleverly designed to keep the built road in place through ups and downs on the surface.

Fully compatible with other track sets and cars from Waytoplay! 


Total built length of road: 5.5 feet

12 road parts: 8 curves + 2 straights + 1 intersection + 1 roundabout
Tracks are printed on both sides 

US CPSIA tested; compliant with highest Toy Test Norms in Europe and Asia (EN71, Reach and CCC). 100% BPA Free, cadmium Free, lead Free, phthalate free and safe for those with silicon allergies.

Made in the Netherlands.

About the Brand

Since 2014, Waytoplay has made its toy roads from high quality materials sourced in Germany. Waytoplay’s roads are thick, weighty, and yet flexible. The roads are weatherproof and waterproof, and can be used indoors on a parquet floor or outdoors on beach sand. The roads literally last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation.  

Waytoplay believes that building simple racetracks or elaborate motor cities fosters creative play and forms complex design ideas in young children.