Sigikid - Organic Frog Squeaker

$20 $30

Ribbit! A velcro loop lets you attach this comical, cuddly play frog to an infant carrier or any other object for baby’s first attempts at grabbing and grasping things. Deft little hands will soon be able to make it squeak.

Why babies love it: they can easily grasp it with their little hands and they love the squeaking sounds.

Why parents love it: it is made of organic cotton and filled with lambswool, great for all babies (especially for the ones with sensitive skin). It has a beautiful esthetic (note the cool blue stripes and the trendy scarf) and when it gets dirty from too much love (and it will), it is easy to machine wash. Parents also love the high quality materials and hand sewn features, which will ensure that it will last through years of cuddling without falling apart.

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